Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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Monday, October 1, 2012

With all the changes in our lives, and the fact that I have seriously neglected this blog the last year and a half, I started a new one. It is private so if you are interested in hearing our adventures let me know and I will add you.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

the 4th

So... I haven't quite made my goal. A weekend trip to Twin Falls threw me off a bit. But I am still working on it so that is progress! The 4th was nice and relaxed and fun this year. We did the parade in the morning and then spent the evenings fireworks with the Amador's as usual and Brian and Summer from across the street joined us and laughed at the crazy Mormons and their fireworks. We were a little reckless... I told her since we don't drink we have to have fun some how... It was a great time! The boys almost made it through all the late night fireworks... almost. When they started melting down we called it a night. What a fun day though! It's so nice to have so many good neighbors.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Aspen Grove 2011

Mark's parents decided that it was time to revisit one of their favorite places to go as a family this summer. They took us all to Aspen Grove, UT. We left the week after school got out and unfortunately for us Sam picked up a nasty bug the last week of school that pretty much annihalted our whole family! The days we were supposed to be getting prepared to head down Mark and I were miserable. So after a late start we finally made it late Saturday evening. We caught up on some sleep on Sunday and really enjoyed ourselves on Monday even though we still weren't feeling great. Aspen Grove is the perfect family vacation spot. The kids get split up into age groups and have 2 counselors who are BYU students that are in charge of them all week. So basically you all go to breakfast together than drop the kids off in their groups where they spend the morning swimming, doing arts and crafts, hiking and in general having a lot of fun. Then you pick them up for lunch together and then after lunch you drop them off again for an afternoon of fun in their groups. They even have a baby room that has cribs for sleeping and a couple of girls for ever couple of babies! During this time the parents can do high ropes, paintballing, attend seminars arts and crafts or sleep. Monday we did some paintballing and had a blast. Oliver loved hanging out in the baby room for a few hours and Sam was feeling good enough to hang with his group. Tuesday was another story however. Oliver came down with the junk. Ughhh! He wouldn't nurse all day long and I finally got worried enough that we took a trip to the ER and ended up purchasing an insanely expensive breast pump. The rest of the vacation for me was spent pumping and attending to a sick baby. Not so fun. However the boys had a blast and it was really helpful to know that they were taken care of and having so much fun. They still talk about how much fun it was and ask to go back regularly. Our goal is to make it in a couple of years and actually not be sick this time.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Mrs. Bott

Wow, school starts in 3 weeks and I am just now posting this picture. Obviously I can not teach my children how not to procrastinate. We will leave that one up to Mark. I should just scratch it but I have to post about Rex's Kindergarten teacher this last year. Mostly because I am still in denial that he is going to be in 1st grade in 3 short weeks and gone from me ALL DAY LONG. :( That is all day to learn naughty things. I just wish they stayed innocent.
Anyway... his Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Bott was brand new at teaching Kindergarten this year and she was amazing! Rex loved her and she appreciated his spirited personality. It was a great first experience in public school. Thanks Mrs. Bott!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Since having three of these:

I have felt a little like this:

So... my goal is to be all caught up on this blog in exactly one week. I like having a goal. I also like peer pressure. So can you help me out?